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Luxury Shoes & HandBags !

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Since when did she get any special treatment? he asked. Did she get Holly Gribbs killed? Did she gamble on CSI time? Did she screw up and let a civilian know who a suspect was, getting the suspect beaten half to death, and the civilian put in prison? No, all of that was Warrick, the guy Sara thinks is the ?teacher?s pet?, as you call it. Does she have the lowest solve rate on the shift? Did she open her big mouth to the press and tip off a serial murderer that we were closing in on him, making him change his MO, costing more lives? No? Oh, yeah, that was Nicky. Did she get a man killed by telling tales that should have been kept secret? Did she blow up the lab? Did she compromise evidence and let a murderer walk? No, that was you. Where?s your list? Or are you perfect, too? Catherine barked. assignment bag class java
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